v. & n.
—v. (visited, visiting)
1 a tr. (also absol.) go or come to see (a person, place, etc.) as an act of friendship or ceremony, on business or for a purpose, or from interest. b tr. go or come to see for the purpose of official inspection, supervision, consultation, or correction.
2 tr. reside temporarily with (a person) or at (a place).
3 intr. be a visitor.
4 tr. (of a disease, calamity, etc.) come upon, attack.
5 tr. Bibl. a (foll. by with) punish (a person). b (often foll. by upon) inflict punishment for (a sin).
6 intr. US a (foll. by with) go to see (a person) esp. socially. b (usu. foll. by with) converse, chat.
7 tr. archaic (often foll. by with) comfort, bless (with salvation etc.).
1 a an act of visiting, a call on a person or at a place (was on a visit to some friends; paid him a long visit). b temporary residence with a person or at a place.
2 (foll. by to) an occasion of going to a doctor, dentist, etc.
3 a formal or official call for the purpose of inspection etc.
4 US a chat.
Phrases and idioms:
right of visit = right of visitation (see VISITATION).
visitable adj.
Etymology: ME f. OF visiter or L visitare go to see, frequent. of visare view f. videre vis- see: (n.) perh. f. F visite

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